Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Capturing That Thought

Discussions with peers often lead to the topic of, “I had this great idea, but didn’t have anything to write it down on.”

Been there, done that.

One of the best presents I received from my husband was a hand-held micro recorder. It solved my problem of needing to pull to the side of the road to find paper in my purse to write something down, or trying to remember what came to me the night before. What is so great about them is that they come with a choice of options to fit your particular need. The one I have can be plugged into my computer’s USB port for transcription.

If you’re on a budget and have a high-tech cell phone, you can use the voice notes option to record your thoughts. Another thing you can do is leave yourself a voice message on your home phone.

I’m sure that you all have tidbits of information on how you capture your muse for later transcription. We’d love to hear them.

Riddle Winner

Ms. Lareeta was the first person to answer the riddle correctly.
The answer was -- NOON


Continuing the Celebration

Thank you for coming by today. I don’t know about you, but I feel like really pulling out all the stops for tonight’s affair. So, put on your after five attire, strap on your favorite heels and plan to be pampered to the hilt.

While you enjoy the smooth sounds of Brother Kirk Whalum (click on gadget at top right of page), Please don’t forget that Jesus is a healer and He uses us as instruments of His will in that process. I pray that you will be led to leave a comment in order to boost our contributions to Breast Cancer research.

Now you know I wouldn’t allow you to leave without the opportunity to win a prize.
Question – What is my favorite thing to shop for?



Smoked Salmon and Caviar Canapés
Truffle Custards with Crab and Caviar

Fruit of the Day – Fresh sliced peaches and nectarines


Tomato Florentine

Main Course

Prime Rib
Rack of Lamb

Please enjoy what has been prepared and do return tomorrow.



  1. I'm going to make a big guess and say purses. This is the only thing I can remember you talking about shopping for. I think I need to listen more. LOL

    I was trying my best to come up with an answer for the riddle. NOON never came up. LOL

    Writer,Bettye Griffin once told me about the tape recorder. I bought one, but could never get myself to say anything. Last week something popped in my head and I remember the voice recorder on my phone. I was able to say what was on my mind and not lose it.

    I've never tried Rack of Lamb so I'll be having a little of that.

  2. Ms. LaShaunda I'm so glad you stopped by. We'll have to wait until the end of the day to find out if your answer is correct.

    I'm so glad you stopped by. Do sample the lamb. I do believe there is some mint sauce on the table as well to compliment it.

    The recorder is a handy item. Good move on the voicemail option too.

    I hope you're enjoying our musical guest.


  3. Hi Linda,

    Happy Birthday. Thanks for all you do. I keep a small journal in my purse and one near my bed. When the muse hits, I can scribble my ideas down.

  4. Hi Linda,

    Just wanted to say I love your party - what a great idea! Wishing you much success.



  5. Good Evening everyone!

    I’m having a good time..enjoying fruit. I love fruit. Yummy. And this prime rib..oh my..perfect. I hope I wasn’t slurping with the tomato Florentine soup (big wink)
    Sidebar: Gotta look that recipe up..MMMM..

    Let’s see.. my answer. I think you like to shop for JOURNALS and PENS.
    I know you sent a good friend of ours a special autograph pen to wish her well so I am going with JOURNALS and PENS. Yes.. my final answer is: JOURNAL AND PENS.
    ((okay, okay, I’m a huge TV SHOW fan!!))

    I have writer’s block at the moment so I’m struggling with ideas. I am awaiting a new muse!! I’m sure this is just a phase.. Until then, I’ll keep recording my dreams in my dream journal. My dreams speak to me.

    Enjoy your evening

  6. Thank you for stopping by Kelly.

    Keeping that journal nearby has proven to be quite handy. I hope you enjoyed your time here today. Pleas accept my invitation to return any time.


  7. Hi Joyce.

    Thank you for coming. I invite you to come again.


  8. Ms. Shaye you are a true mess. Lovin' ya for being who you are.

    Fill up your plate because there's plenty more in the kitchen.

    Pens and jounals? We'll see.


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