Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Beyond the Surface

There comes a time when courage to stand out in the crowd has everything to do with caring for others. Author Melissa Miller has certainly shown her caring for the next generation with the content of her debut novel, Trinity's Hope.

Rather than disappearing into a sea of virtually identical works, Ms. Miller's spot-on story can be described in a word--memorable. The story of the Carondolette's is touching, insightful and engaging. Their value system is the foundation that they stand upon in a time where doing `your thang' has become society's mantra.

Beyond choices to be made within a budding relationship, the story invites the reader into a world where consequences of choice is weighed not only for self, but for others. It also opens eyes to how to love (family and others) with vulnerability and without compromise.

Although most will recommend this as a teen read, Trinity's Hope is a valuable read for all ages.

Book provided courtesy of publisher.