Friday, December 31, 2010

When Men Gather

What lurks in the hearts of men is a question often asked. A portion of that answer can be found in the pages of The Retreat, the sophomore offering from Dijorn Moss.

This story focuses on three men setting out to attend the annual Men’s Retreat. Each is attending for their own reason. Chauncey is a bona fide Bible thumping, scripture quoting, self-righteous, religious nut, without a clue, who would rather go blind than miss this event. Quincy seeks to confront the one he believes has caused the demise of his marriage. Jamal has been offered the job of a lifetime, but it may alter life as he knows it. And then there’s Will.

Through these pages the author has skillfully entwined the lives of these men. Their points of view vary, but their choice to be vulnerable will bring them more than either expected from attending The Retreat.

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