Tuesday, November 23, 2010

You Can Go Home Again

Here is my question of the day – what does the word Home mean to you?

Is it the place where you grew up? Could it be that place in your mind that you retreat to in order to escape the pressures of this world?

As we enter this holiday season many are making preparations to journey home; some with a joyful heart, others out of a sense of duty. Many more refuse or avoid the opportunity to sit at the table with loved ones and others for a variety of reasons.

Unfortunately a majority of those reasons are rooted in misunderstandings, hurt feelings or just plain selfishness. If you find this to be your current circumstance I would like you to do something—go deep inside yourself and examine what may have brought you to this place. Now, consider what you may be missing out on due to those circumstances then ask yourself – has it been worth the loss?

Time is precious and something that cannot be redeemed—so why waste another moment? Go home. Home can be more than that walled structure most relate to. It can be that place where relationships moved from the realm of comfort and security to that of strained or broken. In your mind all seems hopeless due to the time that has passed and the potency of the pain we may have endured or inflicted upon another. Regardless of what it might be, know that you can go HOME AGAIN; you can because extending or accepting forgiveness is a matter of choice.

The words to this song (highlighted below) are so profound. Allow them to speak to your heart and if you are in need, make the decision to return Home

Chose to be free -- Linda!


  1. To me, home is where I live, right now, with my family! :-)

    However, I do travel to where I grew up during some of the holidays - and that's where we're headed today.

    Yes, I know what you mean about people needing to settle their differences and there should be unity in families, but, that's not always the case. It's hard to have a family life with no strife - but it does take effort to remove that strife so that everybody is speaking again, openly loving one another again.

    Wishing you and all your blog readers a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving.