Friday, November 12, 2010

Our Testimony is Not Our Own

I Shall Not Die: Living a Psalm 118:17 Existence is a riveting revelation of what few will rarely, if ever, face in their lifetime.

I Shall Not Die is the story of Jimmy Lee Holmes, an anointed minister of the word and music. This work is also the testimony of his widow, Kendra Norman-Bellamy. With candor the author allows the reader into one of the most intimate parts of her life. It will be through her written testimony that one may be provoked to reexamine what is worth complaining about, or if there really is truth to the saying: 'I can't complain'.

Within this compact treatise the faith of a couple in the face of one of society’s most devastating diseases—AIDS, is exemplified. I Shall Not Die is not only a work from the heart it is also an invitation. An invitation to whom? To anyone willing to open their hearts to God and embrace the healing that His Son died to provide for us all.

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