Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tailoring the Stages of Life

Scene One – Two men are standing outside a chain bookstore.

First Man: “Why are there no books on the shelves about us by us that are wholesome and deals with real life issues and has feasible answers?”

Second Man: Why haven’t you written one yet?

End Scene.

Enter Pastor, husband, father and now debut author, Bernard Boulton. The following narrative is for you, the reading audience. Those he has been ordained to reach out to through the ministry of the pen.

The season to dream had concluded. The season of action was at hand. Waking from what had been more than a dream, Bernard Boulton followed intuition and began to write. He wrote with the purpose of producing that which would encourage, empower and entertain. The end result of that effort was his debut novel Do You Wanna Be Made Whole?

One might ask, why this title?

In order to answer one would need to understand having a burden for others. In life we are given specific purposes. What we do with that entrusted gift, may not always be understood or appreciated by its intended recipient. What can be said in response is that to obey is better than sacrifice.

In obedience, a written seed was planted. Its purpose was to grow and be a witness in the uttermost part of the earth.

So what is it that this novel is bearing witness?

Do You Wanna Be Made Whole acquaints the reader with a man of faith, wisdom and courage, Pastor Maxwell. His presence in the life of three past and present members of his congregation is the common thread that weaves through a tale of perceived failure. It will be those threads loosened by life’s stumbles that must be rewoven for the custom fit of intended purpose.

Through the fitting process that encompasses renewed faith these three will come to understand that “their future is greater than their past and that tomorrow has hope attached to. All that is required is that they stand up, repent and press on.”

To learn more about Bernard Boulton you can visit him at: http://www.bernardboulton.com/


  1. Thank you Linda for posting this outstanding blog on Do You Wanna Be Made Whole?

  2. Thank you for hosting Bernard on Let Us Bear Fruit today!

  3. A like your presentation, Linda.
    Many blessings with your new release, Bernard.

    Wanda B. Campbell

  4. This is a great way to introduce both Mr. Boulton and Do You Wanna Be Made Whole? to their reading audience. If you are a reader, then you will wholeheartedly understand and appreciate the author whose mission is to entertain and inspire, to teach and renew.

    Thank you Mr. Boulton, Ms. Moody and Ms. Beed.

  5. I'm a little late but still...Congratulations, Bernard!

  6. OMG! I just finished reading this book over the weekend and all I can say is: "WOW".

    Pastor Boulton stepped down from the pulpit to his writing ministry and I was truly blessed. What a joy it was to read a book from a male perspective with positivity and redemption. As each one of his characters were delivered, I wanted to shout and dance right there in my bedroom. LOL

    DO YOU WANNA BE MADE WHOLE is a very well written novel. I was really impressed that the author came out on his first roll and bowled a perfect score.