Sunday, January 17, 2010


His Grace, His Mercy is the continuation of the Keshia Dawn’s debut novel, By the Grace of God.

Life for Gracie has moved on but attachments to her past may prove to be the ruin of the happiness she found.

Determination to help fulfill the desires of friends, has placed her marriage to Marcus Jeffries in peril. Disclosure of past indiscretions and what was thought to have been well-buried secrets add to the drama packed events in the lives of the story’s characters.

Through the pages the reader will have a close view of what can happen when we chose to move under our own power rather than under the covering of and obedience to God.

About the Author: Keshia Dawn is a national bestselling author as well as a Black Expressions Book Club Member favorite, freelance journalist and writing consultant. To learn more about Keshia Dawn and her works visit her online at:
*Review copy provided courtesy of author

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