Monday, April 18, 2011

Let The Redeemed...Say So!

What do you get when you combine a born-again Christian, a handsome widow and his adorable daughter? A match made in heaven? Maybemaybe not.

The relationship between Karyn Wallace and Levi Tolliver seems to be headed in the right direction; that is until he reveals his true thoughts—he believes that anyone on the wrong side of the law deserves whatever punishment they get. His point-of-view leaves Karyn in the precarious position as to whether or not he can handle knowing her past.

Added to Karyn's stress is her determination to overlook the less than cordial attitude of a co-worker and the venomous personality of Levi's sister-in-law. Unfortunately, neither of these ladies are willing to allow Karyn to live a life minus strife.

In Crowning Glory Author Simmons has woven a story that will satisfy the need of the romantic and those struggling to overcome their past. Prayerfully, this work will cause the reader to take stock of their beliefs and what holding on to the pain of the past can do to harm not other their future, but that of others.

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