Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Write Package, Wrong Baggage

Life is a continuous journey. The baggage we choose to take with us is a matter of choice. Unpacking those bags is the choice of the individual. Acceptance of what once was will be the choice of the recipient.

In Right Package, Wrong Baggage Pamela Roberts has received a most unusual Christmas gift via her son Matthew--Micah Stevenson. Despite their unorthodox meeting, the two are seemingly made for one another. It will be the revelation of Micah's past that will determine if Pamela can handle the truth and look to the future.

For those who enjoy conflict entwined with intrigue, you will definitely find it here, but not in the sense most are used to. What you will find with Ms. Campbell's presentation is her willingness to process the reader through this relationship. In doing so, key elements that are essential to the whole of the story are established. This work is one that will provoke thought and conversation long after turning the final page.

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As an avid reader and literary professional, I must say that it is refreshing to come across an offering that is engaging, entertaining and provokes one to thought. It is especially invigorating as it pertains to Christian fiction literature.

Right Package, Wrong Baggage by Wanda B. Campbell is a work that is setting the bar for Christian fiction genre. Devoid of over-the-top conflict, baby mama drama and a majority of its pages dedicated to the sin nature of its characters, this book invites the reader into a relationship with goals. It also is a storyline with a process.

Within that process the ability to get to know the characters, their aspirations and fears are showcased. Within the realm of conflict, the absence of over-the-top drama is avoided. In its place is the presence of backtracking, i.e., the process of discovering what brought each to the point of insecurity. With skill, the author adds elements of intrigue to the story in order to keep the reader engaged and the story moving toward a feasible end.

If you are looking for a surface read, you will not find that within the pages of Right Package, Wrong Baggage. What you will find is a well-written book that brings light to a few subjects most are unwilling to speak about without prejudice or condemnation.


  1. Thanks for letting me stop by. I'm looking forward to our chat on October 21st.

    Wanda B. Campbell

  2. Thank you for introducing your readers to RIGHT PACKAGE, WRONG BAGGAGE by Wanda B. Campbell.

  3. It is my pleasure to host your work, Wanda.


  4. Ty, this was a wonderful read and I hope that others take the time to read as well.


  5. This sounds like a good, intriguing read. I'll need to keep it in my mind, place it on my TBR pile!

  6. Thank you for stopping by Cecelia. I hope you do read the book, it is definitely one that will cause you to re-examine how we view the past of others.


  7. Sounds like a wonderful read, one I should add to my TBR pile too.

  8. It is a very good read Patricia. I hope you make it must read for your literary list.

    Thank you for stopping by - Linda!