Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Making the Puzzle Fit

Piecing the Puzzle Together by Brian Ganges is a read that is sure to provoke as well as open the necessity of ‘studying to shew yourself approved’.

Throughout his work Author Ganges applies biblical truths to life situations. In doing so he sets the stage for readers to open their hearts and minds to the truth; that truth being the value that God has placed on our lives. Written from the point of exposing what has always been, Piecing the Puzzle Together has the ability to spank, encourage and heal with the depth of its content.

Dialogue with the Author

LUBF: Introduce us to Brian Ganges – the man –the son of the Most High.

BG: I am a man on a mission from God. I’m real, relevant and I love ministering the Word of God in both the spoken and the written forms of communication. I am also a very balanced person. I don’t just read the Bible all day long, I also enjoy writing, spending time with my daughter, playing games on my Playstation, going to sporting events, and watching the Three Stooges.

LUBF: You are a contributor to The Soul of A Man Anthology. Tell us about your stories.

BG: I wrote two stories: “Manning Up with God,” which is my abridged autobiography. It deals with my divorce and some other challenges that I had. It is a candid piece that shows the struggle and the victory in overcoming my dilemma. The other story is “A Sense of Faith and Community,” which is a fictionalized account of some of the events of my life. It is written in and narrated from the perspective of my grandson. He gives a college speech about how I influenced his life by demonstrating to him the importance of giving back to your community and reaching out to people.

LUBF: As the author of Piecing the Puzzle Together, when did you see the fragmented pieces? What drove your need to help others pull their pieces together?

BG: I saw the fragmented pieces years ago, and still do today. Like many people, I was discouraged by much of what I was seeing and hearing in the church: controlling people, judgmental people, false doctrines, etc. and as a younger Christian I was looking for answers. This drove me to seek the answers to the questions that were in my heart, even though I might not have been able to articulate them exactly.

LUBF: Share your view of what a completed life puzzle looks like.

BG: A completed life is a balanced life. Our human lives consist of spirit, soul and body. Each of these three elements needs the proper amount of attention and nurturing in order to grow. So the completed life will give the proper amount of food, water, sunlight, exercise, etc. to each of these areas. Everyone is different, so some might need to give more attention in some areas than others, but the balance of these three will manifest a completed life puzzle.

LUBF: What thought would you like to leave with the readers of this interview?

BG: I want readers to know that their situation is not unique, and that there are many people (Christian or not) that feel alone, incomplete, lost, a failure, or as if they haven’t accomplished anything in this life. People just have to find the spiritual footing necessary to build a strong Christian life. Unfortunately, many people aren’t taught how to truly ground themselves in the truth. But with some study, a prayerful and open heart to the truth, God will reveal His Word to anyone that seeks Him; and He will manifest Himself in a way that each individual will understand it.

LUBF: What’s next for you in terms of your writing?

BG: I am currently working on my next book, which is a follow-up to “Piecing the Puzzle Together,” entitled “Lord, Deliver Me from Church Folks.” It is an expose' dealing with many of the misconceptions and things that are keeping many in the church bound by the traditions of men.

LUBF: I want to thank you for taking the time to share your work and yourself with us. We look forward to your stopping by again.

BG: Thanks Linda!

To find out more about Brian, keep up with his work and how you can request him for your literary event visit him online at: http://www.bringanges.com/


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