Monday, June 7, 2010

Lean Not to Your Own Understanding

In this modern day tale of Samson, the opportunity to understand the danger of following our own selfish lusts is quite prevalent.

Samson Taylor has it all, but jeopardizes not only his future, but that of those he touches in his quest to have what he wants, rather than obeying the call on his life. Through a series of what he considers successes and failures Samson will come to SEE that, in the end, only what we do for God will last.


Jacquelin Thomas is not the newest kid on the block. She is, however, a trailblazer whose path many have followed.

Since the beginning of her career as a writer of romance Jacquelin has sought to give her best. With ten successful titles in that genre and one (Hidden Blessings) adapted into a movie, one would think that the prolific author had found her niche. For that season, she had, but it would be her desire to write books that would touch hearts and meet You at your point of need that led her to Christian fiction writing.

Since 2002 she has penned such titles as Singsation, Shades of Gray and Redemption. Consistently the works, devoid of non-essential drama, speaks to challenges many currently face and aptly applies the word of truth for a foundational rather than preferred conclusion.

In 2006 the best-selling, award-winning Ms. Thomas moved further into purpose with the penning of the first in her YA (Young Adult) Divine Series. Although the major focus is upon the youth, this series is one that gives the perspective from the views of the entire family.

Most would believe that this would be more than enough for any one person, but as they say, “It ain’t over till God says it’s over.” To that end, 2009 saw the inaugural release of Jezebel, the first from Jacquelin’s thought-provoking Biblical fiction series. That release was followed by The Ideal Wife. Today we celebrate the third release Samson.

Some may wonder how so much can come from one person. If you ever have the opportunity to be in the presence of this dynamic woman of God you will understand. In the briefest encounter, you would be hard-pressed to miss her true humility and awesome love that she has for God and His people.

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  1. I love bible stories and when I find an author who can pull off a 1st century Christian story and parrallel it with our life today I get excited. I've been so hyped about this book since I saw the blast about it a few weeks ago.

    You are one of my favorite authors and I have been with you since Singsation (excellent story by the way about loyalties to God or the world)

    Ms. Thomas I do have a question:
    As you are reading the bible do you see in your mind a story for us today? Or is it after you've read chapter and verse and you are marinating on the story that you get a story for us 21st century folk?

    Readers Paradise

  2. Hi Missy!

    Life application is huge for me, so whenever I read the Bible, I do look for ways to relate it in a contemporary setting. Often, this will spark a story. Thanks for your support and have a great rest of the week.

  3. Jacquelin it is my pleasure to present such a gifted author and woman of God to the people. I thank you for the honor.