Saturday, May 22, 2010

He's Just That Into You

Everyday Miracles by Julia Royston reminds us that the move of God is constant. The content places focus on the fact that His grace and mercy far exceeds the bells and whistles most associate with a miracle.

From the segment on Chores to the reminder that He’s Just That Into You the reader is given opportunity to assess their lives and seek the best from whatever stage they’re at as they embrace the Everyday Miracles that surround them.


Julia Royston is an anointed singer, songwriter, poet and producer poised to expand the boundaries of Praise and Worship with her anointed voice and uplifting lyrics. In 2002 she established For the Kingdom Ministries with the mission to ‘Build God’s People to Build the Kingdom of God’ through education, empowerment and encouragement.

To learn more about Julia you can visit her at:

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