Monday, March 8, 2010

New Voices New Stories

New Stories New Voices is in partnership with the High Point Neighborhood House located in Seattle, WA. Its purpose is to combine with the youth of the West Seattle community to inspire a love for the written word through storytelling and visuals arts from a variety of ethnicities. Each second Saturday, from 10A to 11:30A, performances from around the state will be presented. Admission is free, although a free will donation is suggested. For more information or directions call: 206-588-4900

This month, (March 13, 2010) we are proud to present James and Karol Brown, as Uncle Ely and Aunt Harriet Tubman. Please see information below.

James Brown is a natural story teller who captivates the audience with his stories and his smooth tenor voice. As Brother Ely the Care Taker, he asks to ‘borrow the minds’ of the audiences, young and old to take them on a vicarious journey to travel back to 1912, to visit with Harriet Tubman.

Karol Brown is the unforgettable Aunt Harriet Tubman. From the moment she walks onto the stage Karol is the elderly Aunt Harriet Tubman to everyone in the room. The audience laughs, cries and sings with Aunt Harriet as they visit with her in the parlor of the convalescent home she founded in Auburn, New York where she lived until she died on March 10, 1913 at age 92.

To learn more about the work of James and Karol Brown visit their website at:

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