Tuesday, February 2, 2010


As authors, writing is our passion, it’s in our blood, drives us to remain awake at least one more moment in order to exhaust the flow of the present muse. Beyond the passion of writing, our desire (at least for most of us) is to get our books into the hands of as many readers as possible.

At the top of our strategy for sales is placement of our intellectual property upon the shelves of bookstores across the nation.

With the advent of the Internet and electronic reading devices opportunity for national and international exposure has increased. Yet, with the plethora of choices available, the standard question most will ask when it is known that you have published is – is your book in the bookstore?

Now granted, their penchant for online shopping may have kept them out of a brick and mortar store for the last four years; and if they purchase it will more than likely be online, but, they want to know if your book is on the shelf.

Why? Simple answer – because that’s the way it is in the mind of most readers. However, satisfying the expectation of that mindset is becoming increasingly challenging for American booksellers.

According to Publisher Weekly booksellers are facing increasing challenges in terms of access to books available for purchase. They are due to the minimizing and in some cases the elimination of ARC mailings and severe cuts in field reps available to call upon establishments that were once the bread and butter of the industry.

Times are constantly changing in the publishing industry and it is your responsibility to -- Keep Up!
Today, as you begin your strategy for publication, or consider revamping that current plan, I urge you to understand the pros and cons of getting your books into the hands of the reader. Keep up with the trends that apply to your profession and determine what works best for you. Do not forsake traditional means, but do employ the option of diversification and creativity in your quest to exposing readers to the work you have labored over.



  1. Yes Linda as a songwriter/singer/musician I am keeping up thanks for checking up......on me

  2. Thank you for stopping by Valerie. Keep on keeping on.


  3. Great article Linda. There is so much to learn but that's good if you are willing to learn. And you have to always be ready to change, be ready to cross when the river is open before you. And that's what keeping up means to me. Being ready to move when the season of movement is before you.

  4. So true my brother. Looking forward to your next work.

    Thanks for stopping by. Please come again.


  5. Hi Linda,

    Thanks for the encouragement. It is appreciated.


  6. Angeline it is my pleasure to give to others what was so freely givn to me.

    Be blessed - Linda!